Immune Boost Plus - My Action Plan

My Action Plan

Much of what we read about pandemic and avian influenza is very frightening. The details are multitudinous. So, where do we begin?

First, calm yourself. It is not here yet, so you have time to study and pray. I find it most helpful to read a great deal in 1 to 2 days so my mind has all the facts at once. Usually this answers many questions right up front. Then, I write a summary of known and unknown vital details. This reduces the size of the problem to something more manageable.

Second, continue to follow the issues as they develop. Remember, Avian Flu has not yet become viable for transmition human to human - and that may never happen. So pandemic influenza may not become an issue in 2007.

Third, since most virologists believe pandemic influenza is inevitable within the next ten years, it would be wise to begin building up your immune system now. I highly recommend a multi-vit/min supplement with abundant anti-oxidants. An immune tonic of Astragulus/Ginseng/Schizandra would also be a great prophylactic measure.

Fourth, speak with your doctor about your concerns and your family’s specific medical needs. He will be able to guide you more specifically through the issues. Find out his plan for treating avian influenza/pandemic.

Fifth, bring your Will and your Life Insurance Policy up to date. Most of us don’t do this often enough anyway. It will help put your mind at ease, pandemic or no.

Sixth, begin stocking away a few extra supplies. Experts suggest we should always have a few weeks or months worth of basics on hand at all times. In these days of uncertainty, this is even more important. Be sure to rotate supplies so your stores remain fresh.

This will be a great foundation upon which to build should some virus multiply into pandemic proportions in the months and years ahead. Stay calm. Get prepared.. Keep your eyes and ears open.

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