Immune Boost Plus - Cytokine Storm Phenomena

Cytokine Storm Phenomena

Since cytokine storm phenomena is a rare over-reaction of the immune system, we know very little about it, besides its deadly effects. I will not attempt to describe it here, as the following two articles are excellent. Both are relatively short, and, taken together, very helpful. I hope you will make time to read them both.

“Several autoimmune disorders actually cause your immune response to work against itself. The immune system is composed of many different parts working together to protect the body. This system has built in regulators that tell it when to turn on and when to shut down. Autoimmune disorders occur when your immune system falsely identifies normal substances in the body as invaders and attacks them, injuring tissue.”

Herbs For Health and Healing, Kathi Keville, p. 100,101

This following quote stimulated my mind with ideas about how to fight cytokine storm. Take a look.

“In a study conducted in China in 1990, even people who were perfectly healthy found that Echinacea temporarily increased their immune response, even raising their levels of interferon. Echinacea is often used in China with the herb ligustrum in an immune restorative therapy called fuzhung. This treatment, which has been found to increase the manufacture of immune cells in the bone marrow, is sometimes referred to as a deep immunity reaction because it creates more disease-fighting cells, rather than simply stimulating existing ones.”

Herbs For Health and Healing, Kathi Keville, p. 103

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