A healthy diet

Just what is a healthy diet? Today you can find a book embracing any 'food' as healthy. So how do we know what constitutes a healthy diet? Fortunately the creator did not leave us to fend for ourselves on this issue. Over the years people have looked to the Scriptures for answers and observed man as he has sought to regain and maintain his health. Some Men have even put forth laws of healthy eating for our consideration and instruction.

The following is Bernard Jensen's list of Food Laws, which I found provocative and worthy of prayerful consideration.

  1. Your food should be natural, pure and whole. Natural-what God makes for us. If God made it for human beings to eat, I don't think you can improve on it. Whenever man handles the food, he nearly always does something that reduces the value in it. Pure-sprayed foods are not pure. We cannot call foods pure unless they are organically grown in soil that is not chemicalized with artificial fertilizer. Pure foods are not pickled, salted, processed or canned. Whole-foods which have nothing missing, altered or chemicalized. Whole foods build whole bodies.
  2. We have to have the proper proportions of food. Our body is proportionately put together and we should be able to feed it proportionately. Ninety-five percent of the people can follow my harmony program and meet their nutritional needs. Every day we should have six vegetables, 2 fruits, 1 good starch and 1 good protein.
  3. The foods we eat should be 80% alkaline and 20% acid, more on the alkaline side because we need to neutralize so much of the acid wastes produced in the body. The acid-producing foods are the proteins, starches and sugars. The vegetables and fruits come to eight out of ten of the foods we eat so that is 80% alkaline.
  4. We have to have the proper variety of foods. Your body can only work with what you put into it. One sided eating (only corn and peas) makes a one sided body. Different foods, and even the same food from different locations, provide different minerals. What you have today you shouldn't have tomorrow. You should enjoy a variety of different foods from day to day. A serious lack of variety in our diet can cause serious health conditions.
  5. We should have 60% of our foods raw daily. Its in raw foods that we get the natural enzymes we need for our bodies. Cooking and processing destroy these enzymes. It takes a full year of 60% raw foods to see great changes in the body. Green salad with 5-8 varieties of vegetables are very healthful. Raw vegetables and fruit juices are also very beneficial.
  6. God created our bodies to cure themselves, but we must provide the opportunity. Adequate sleep, positive attitudes, low stress and balanced nutrition all give the body unique opportunities for healing itself, but only food can build tissue. Only food can reverse symptoms by replacing old, damaged tissue with new healthy tissue.
  7. violating the law of excess creates an unnatural body. When we have too much of 1 or 2 foods or too much food in general, we create imbalance in the body. Eating excess of some particular food leads to chemical deficiency, tissue irritation and catarrh, and allergies. The best way to reduce is on a balanced diet-with a third smaller portions of each item.
  8. The law deficiency says that what we neglect to eat affect our health too. Every disease has a mineral and vitamin deficiency so eat with variety. Learn to enjoy all wholesome foods.

Besides these food laws Dr. Jensen Recommends that we use 1) clean pure water, which is so rare that he recommends reverse osmosis water as best. 2) He doesn't put much emphasis on food combining but recommends that (a) extreme starches (potato) and extreme proteins (meat) be eaten at separate meals, (b)Melons should not be mixed with other foods, and (c) Sweet dried fruits should not be eaten with citrus fruit.

These eight simple laws and 2 recommendations are all we need to follow to restore vibrant health, even to many diseased bodies. It is an intriguing thought based on over 50 years of nutritional work at his health ranches. It has worked for many others, it can work for you too. For details and helpful ideas/recipes see Dr. Jensen's many books. I plan to give some emphasis to laws 2 and 3 in my home.

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