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An introduction to the Immune system.

The immune system is that marvelous mechanism which protects our bodies from virtually every type of illness imaginable. It is the system which, when functioning properly as an active whole, does vigorous battle against the myriads of diseases, viruses, bacteria, infections and pathogens that bombard our bodies on a daily basis.

 When we refer to the immune system we do not call to mind one single organ but rather a whole host of organs and cells which are located in every area and member of the body. Unlike the digestive and circulatory systems whose members can be easily identified by their obvious connection with one another, the immune system is much more vague in that it is hard to identify the connection between the numerous components. That connection, though obscure, is very real. Many researchers are now realizing that virtually every cell in the body is, to some degree, actively participating in the immune defense mechanism. The bone marrow which produces our white blood cells (lymphocytes, leukocytes, monocytes, macrophages and mast cells, to name a few) and the thymus gland which programs some of the immune cells and regulates immune function through hormone release are crucial to our health. Some of the other members include lymph, lymph nods, lymphatic vessels, spleen, liver, tonsils, appendix and even the skin.

 The lymph and some white blood cells circulate fairly freely throughout the body finding, capturing and at times destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and infection. Others of the white blood cells (macrophages for example) are stationed in specific organs such as the liver, spleen and lymph nodes where they filter the lymph and blood, capturing and destroying harmful substances in the fluid. Still others are stationed along passageways such as blood vessel where they look for viruses, bacteria etc. The stationary cells and organs are just as crucial as the moving ones as they filter, cleanse and protect in their own locality. Remove any one and the immune system is impaired.

 The skin and air passages into our lungs contain our first line of defense. Immune cells stationed in the skin and the lining of the air passages as well as our tonsils are on the lookout for pathogens. If and when the invading organism manages to bypass this first line of defense there is another and yet another line of defense with cells and organs actively looking for and destroying these harmful substances. The members of this marvelous system are ultimately dependant on one another, no one cell or organ can do the job of another. They need each other and as a healthy functioning unit they are often able to protect and keep us from the on slot of disease and sickness.

 The immune system is a very important mechanism, take care of it, and it will take care of you. Abuse it and you will find that it is unable to protect you. To be healthy we absolutely must have properly functioning immune systems, but in order to have properly functioning immune systems we must be healthy. You cannot have one without the other. Rebuilding our health is often difficult; it is far easier to maintain our health. Some things harm the immune system while others help it. The aim of this site is to help you identify those things in your life which are destroying your immune system and therefore your health so that you can begin eliminating them from your lifestyle. It is also our desire to help you identify those things which strengthen your immune system and therefore your overall health so that you can begin implementing them in your life and reap the wonderful benefits of a truly healthy body.

 A healthy, properly functioning immune system equals a healthy, properly functioning body. Our goal is to keep it that way, to make our bodies as inhospitable to disease as possible so that they cannot find a foothold in us. If you are wondering where to start then sign up for our free immune boosting tips to jump start you on your way to true immune health.

 *If you are struggling with serious illness you should always consult your doctor before implementing any of the suggestions listed on this site. We cannot take any responsibility for your welfare or health. See your doctor.

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