Immune Boost Plus - Give Your Immune System A Boost

Give Your Immune System a Giant Boost in Just Five Days

Have you ever thought what it would be like to work non-stop for 70-80 years? Well your organs do that and we can be glad they do. But just like us, they like a little rest at times too. They also enjoy a clean house. So why not give your body a big immune boost by giving it a chance to clean house and grab a little extra rest. It will take just five days but it will yield big benefits.

First, we will decrease and define our food consumption. You may eat moderately in the appropriate food category from 8am to 4pm. “Nothing more after four” – this catch phrase will help you give your G-I tract a substantial rest. The raw foods will provide fiber and the needed chewing action to stay off that hungry feeling. The vegetables will build up the body. The fruit will clean out the body. The break will give the body a much-needed rest.

Second, we will increase our water consumption. Almost all Americans are chronically dehydrated. We don’t take in near enough water to assist our bodies with all their vital functions. Of course our bodies need regular liquid and not just a gallon for breakfast so we will give ourselves ½ cup of water every half hour. You will be amazed at how good this refreshing elixir will make you feel. And your body will thank you with some thorough house cleaning.

Third, regular exercise is a must, however, with your immune boost regimen, you will not want anything too rigorous. Try a brisk half hour walk morning and evening. Or better yet, try some rebounding. Rebounding is especially good to boost your immune system because it stimulates the lymphatic system with g-force pressures.

Fourth, positive thoughts and a happy disposition are a must for vibrant health; in fact they are themselves good medicine. Take time to relax with some classical music or read a funny book. Why not tell a joke or ask a friend to entertain you with a hilarious story. And don’t forget to smile. It is very difficult to be sad when you smile – and its contagious!

Fifth, go to bed early. The extra rest will do you good and give your body undistracted time for more house cleaning

Here is a schedule to help you stay on track. Have fun!

Get a friend or co-worker to fast with you. It is always more fun to do it together.

Fast again in six months – or better yet, how about every three months? Your body will thank you!

This program is especially good for summer and fall when there is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. You can use RESET in the winter as a convenient five-day immune boost. Besides, variety is the spice of life. Enjoy!

“Thousands of people throughout the world fast regularly not to cure any particular disease, but because they consider fasting to be an effective way to cleanse the body from accumulated wastes, build up the physical stamina and resistance against disease, and revitalize and rejuvenate the functions of all their vital organs.”

from How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young with Juice Fasting, Paavo Airola, p. 15

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