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Lyme's Disease

Most of us have heard of Lyme's Disease and many of us know someone who has suffered from its effects on their lives. Unfortunately there is much misinformation out about this health-devastating disease.

When asked, people often say this disease is carried by deer ticks and is common in the northern states. Although these facts are true they also represent a falsehood because they are woefully inadequate in describing the whole truth. Research has shown that Lyme's Disease is common in all but one of the 48 contiguous United States. (Actually it is prevalent on 6 continents.) Yes, it is carried and transmitted by deer ticks, but also western black-legged ticks, lone star ticks, dog (wood) ticks and most every other kind of tick, as well as fleas, mosquitoes, and mites. Besides these creatures who transmit the disease through bites, Lyme's Disease is also spread through human sexual contact, congenital transfer (to babies in the womb), and through food infection. As a matter of fact, Lyme is so common it is now considered to be of epidemic proportion.

Despite the fact that it was discovered in the late 1800's and isolated in the 1970's, we still have limited success in effecting a cure for those who contract the disease - especially those who go undiagnosed for over 6 months. Traditional medicine uses a lengthy treatment of Doxycycline (or other antibiotics) with some success. But still many patients' symptoms persist for years and often settle into long-term complaints or debilitating illness.

Holistic medicine uses a wide range of homeopathic nosodes, herbal tinctures, therapeutic aromas and nutritional supplements. Here too the results are sporadic at best.

Resent research has tracked down the Lyme Spirochete (Borrelia Burgdorfer(BB)) and learned much about how it effects the human body. New diagnostic methods and remedies are the result of this research. Although many Lyme sufferers have given up hope for a cure, there is much new evidence that rekindles hope.

Be sure to read "What Makes Lyme Disease Tick?" and consider Dr. David Jernigan's extensively researched book Beating Lyme's Disease.

A typical response with successful Lyme disease treatment is that symptoms increase and the patient becomes more ill. As the bacteria is killed off, the toxic byproducts and dead bacteria accumulate and poison the body. This is known as Herxheimer reaction (after the researcher who identified it). Many people think their treatment is failing and discontinue its use when the Herxheimer reaction becomes overwhelming. This is not a wise choice. At this point (before this point is better) the patient should add a detoxifier to his protocol to assist the body in removing this toxic waste. This will diminish the Herxheimer reaction and spare the patient much suffering. Of course, choosing a protocol that already incorporates a detoxifier is even better.

Another consideration in treating Lyme disease is its co-infections. Most carriers of Lyme diseases are also carriers of other diseases such as Babesia Microti, Ehrlichia, and Bartonella. It is best to choose a protocol that addresses both Lyme disease and its co-infections at the same time.

Both the Herxheimer reaction and the co-infections work against the patient fighting Lyme disease. Be sure you choose a doctor who is fully informed on Lyme disease and how to treat it with its many co-infections. This will reduce the pain and suffering of the patient as well as the length of the treatment.

I am told that a Lyme disease patient can expect three months of treatment for every year they have had the disease to effect a full cure. Please note, this cure does not in any way keep you from being re-infected with Lyme disease at a future date.

Many herbalists are finding Astragalus used as a prophylactic very effective at preventing Lyme disease from taking hold of an individual after a bite. They recommend using it daily for the whole outdoor season. Astragalus is safe for continual use.

I found the following two books vitally important to my research and ultimate cure. They both include detailed research on Lyme disease and its effects on the human body as well as proven protocols that address Lyme disease, Herxheimer reaction and the many co-infections. They are well worth your time and money if a loved one is suffering from the effects of Lyme disease.

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