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Preparation for Pandemic

How do we prepare for the best and worse case scenarios? We must first deal with the pandemic issue. According to most virologists, its not a matter of “if” a pandemic strikes, but really the only question left is “when”. Avian Influenza (H5N1) may not go down in history as the 2006-7 pandemic, but some influenza will hold a similar ‘honor’ within the next ten years. What we learn from history is, it is coming – let’s get ready now.

What should we expect from a pandemic influenza? We actually have a great deal of information on the 1918-19 Spanish Influenza pandemic from which to glean important answers to that vital question. First, let us note that some scientists now believe the Spanish Flu morphed from an avian influenza strain. History also proves that flu to have been a very virulent strain causing bacterial pneumonia in the young and infirm while triggering a rare cytosine storm phenomenon in the healthy 15-35 year olds. This is the same pattern we presently see in Avian Influenza H5N1. Some treatment plans for the Spanish Influenza were fatally flawed – men died by the hundreds daily - but other treatment plans produced 100% recovery rates. It is worth our consideration to evaluate these numbers and their implications. Then we may be able to form an educated plan. (Please read the attached articles that give many details.)

How do we prepare? Preparedness plans would not be complete without considering the social/economic consequences of such a worldwide illness, as well as the needs for medical care of the afflicted.

Worldwide shortages of vaccines and antiviral medications (Tamiflu) will force many people to look for other options. The Bird Flu Preparedness Manual has an excellent plan with detailed information for home caregivers. Also the homeopathic and herbal treatments mentioned in the articles with prophylactic vitamin/mineral supplements (with immune boosters) will be a good option for many families worldwide.

The shortage of workers left on the job and their increasing exhaustion may also trigger further devastation, as vital services may be suspended and basic supplies unavailable. In light of this dismal possibility, it is being advised by many authorities to follow a preparedness plan (several plans are listed in the attached articles).

As we consider these lists, much is being implied about the level of disruption and the severity of the influenza. This is done because you always make your preparedness plan for the worst-case scenario. We all hope these plans are extreme but history tells us to plan well. Ultimately we are at God’s mercy.

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