Immune Boost Plus - Six Herbs That Support Immune Function

Six Herbs That Support Immune Function

There are many herbs used the world over to support immune function. These immune stimulants are often used in combination with one another.

“The term “immune stimulant” was coined by German researchers to describe herbs that help put your immune system in gear. It may seem that immune herbs simply crank up your immune system, but this is not necessarily true. The immune system is complex, and immune herbs can play many different roles. German scientist Hildebert Wagner, Ph. D., who has studied immune herbs extensively, prefers to term them “immunoregulator”. These herbs not only stimulate an under active immune system, but also help prevent the immune system from overreacting to invaders or to substances the body falsely identifies as invaders.”

First, you should always have on hand a few herbs for use when you need immune boosting right away. These herbs are of immediate benefit so are especially useful during those vulnerable times when you cannot escape being exposed to illness. These can be used individually or in combination. All of them kill viruses and bacteria.

Second, you should consider using an herbal tonic to slowly strengthen your immune system for future immune challenges. These herbs work slowly to build up your body’s resources against future need. These can also be used individually, but the lengthy nature of a tonic makes the use of multiple herbs in combination a better use of resources. All these herbs are safe for extended use.

There are many wonderful herbs for immune boosting, but these six will get you off to a great start on more vibrant health.

As a final bonus, I would like to mention that adding medicinal mushrooms to your diet is a great way to boost the whole family’s immune response. Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms are available both fresh and dried. Reishi is also excellent, however, it tastes awful, so if you want its benefit try dried extract tablets.

from Herbs for Health and Healing, Kathi Keville, p. 101

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