Immune Boost Plus - Ten Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Ten Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The human immune system is a very complex system that helps the body fend off disease. From production of macrophages (cells that digest foreign invaders) to interferon (which protects non-infected cells from viruses) to production of T-cells (vital immune cells that kill virus, fungi, and bacteria) the immune system stays busy protecting our bodies from harm.

In our fast paced, high-stress society our bodies are constantly under attack from several sources at a time. It is not enough to eat well and leave everything else to nature. We must actively boost our immune systems to stay healthy.

When asked “What can you do to boost your immune system?”, most Americans answer, “Take a multiple vitamin”. Although this is very good advise, we cannot afford to stop there. Here are ten ways you can boost your immune system to help it meet the daily challenges of your modern lifestyle.

Any one of these ten ideas, if applied, will immediately improve your immune health. Pick one and gradually add in the others to super charge your body with a strong lymphatic system and consequently vibrant health.

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