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Biological Warfare:

Biological warfare is the use of a biological agent(Virus, Bacteria or Chemical) as a weapon. Biological weapons make an effective and inexpensive instrument of terror. Ranging from simple attacks to complex research projects, this threat will present an increasing peril in coming years. Many people will remember the Anthrax that was sent through the United States Postal system, many other biological agents could also be used.

Diseases are probably the greatest threat as they will spread person to person so a small attack can produce a large result. Anthrax, Black Plague, Yellow fever, Ebola and botulus are all on the list of known threats. All of these agents attack the human body and seek to destroy it. The immune system is the primary defence your body has against these attackers. It is never to early to begin strengthening your immune defences.

biological warfare

Biological Weapons
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