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Avian Influenza

BBC NEWS | Health | Global impact of bird flu
Maps and tables charting the latest situation with bird flu around the world.
WHO | Cumulative Number of Confirmed Human Cases of Avian Influenza A/(H5N1) Reported to WHO
New Scientist Special Report on Bird Flu
New Scientist Bird flu's human-attack pathway revealed - Breaking News
New Scientist Premium- Blood-pressure drugs could help fight flu - News
New Scientist Why humans don't easily catch bird flu - News
New Scientist Can Tamiflu save us from bird flu? - News
New Scientist Common cold may save us from bird flu - Breaking News
New Scientist 'Symptomless' bird flu cases raise concerns - Breaking News
New Scientist Bird flu might be less deadly than feared - Breaking News
New Scientist New Tamiflu-resistant bird flu cases stir fears - Breaking News
New Scientist Breaking News - Bird flu prompts mass cull in Canada
New Scientist Breaking News - 1918 "Spanish" influenza pandemic down to pig flu RNA
Flu Wiki - Main - Tour Level III
Flu Wiki - Resources - Sources and Links
Flu Wiki - Consequences - Pandemic Preparedness
Flu Wiki - Science - Science
Flu Wiki - Consequences - Alternative Medicine
Flu Wiki - Science - Cytokine Storm
CDC - Avian Influenza (Flu) | Past Outbreaks
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Influenza Flu Homepage
CDC - Avian Influenza (Flu) | Key Facts About Avian Influenza
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Influenza Flu Homepage
IMC | Avian flu information | Pandemic potential
Respiratory Research | Full text | Proinflammatory cytokine responses induced by influenza A (H5N1) viruses in primary human alveolar and bronchial epithelial cells
1918 Flu and Homeopathic Success Stories :: NZCH
H5N1 Avian Flu Virus Therapy: Conventional and Herbal Options
An overview of the biochemical mechanisms of avian flu infection, with a discussion of potential pharmaceutical and herbal treatments
More on bird flu
Bird flu (avian influenza) -
Experts warn of a pandemic if bird flu begins to spread easily among people.
Nat'l Academies Press: The Threat of Pandemic Influenza: Are We Ready? Workshop Summary

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