Immune Boost Plus - Influenza Pandemic


What is a Pandemic?
A pandemic is a worldwide outbreak of a highly contagious illness. The worldwide scope and the rapid spread of the disease are what make a pandemic such a crises...           more

Avian Flu:
At present the Avian Flu (H5N1) is being tracked as a possible contender for the next devastating pandemic. It first caught the attention of the scientific community in...           more

Cytokine Storm Phenomena:
Since cytokine storm phenomena is a rare over-reaction of the immune system, we know very little about it, besides its deadly effects, because it kills its victims so...           more

Preparation for Pandemic:
How do we prepare for the best and worse case scenarios? We must first deal with the pandemic issue. According to most virologists, its not a matter of “if” a...           more

My Action Plan:
Much of what we read about pandemic and avian influenza is very frightening. The details are multitudinous. So, where do we begin? First, calm yourself. It is not here...           more

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a video on pandemic - the visual part is compromised but the audio is very good. Keep a level head.

deep video but also some written info - WATCH THIS - fast forward to the people

Audio - good - cytokine storm included

one of the better sites for flu info

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