Immune Boost Plus - How To Choose A Vitamin

How to choose a vitamin

We all know that if we want a healthy immune system we must get adequate rest, water, exercise, eat well and reduce our stress load. But on top of all that it is also crucial that we provide our immune system, and our whole body for that matter, with an overall vitamin/mineral supplement that meets the basic needs of our cells. Research is also showing how important it is for us to have adequate amounts of antioxidants to protect and fortify our cells against the oxidation that is constantly taking place within us. In this report we will cover each of these needs.

In order for our immune system to be active and healthy we must provide our cells (the basic building block of our body) with all the vitamins necessary for optimal health so be sure that your multivitamin has each of the following:

Vitamins are not the only building bocks which your cells must have in order to stay healthy so be sure you do not overlook the minerals which are essential for healthy cells and thus a healthy immune system. Be sure your multi-vitamin/mineral contains these:

Note: Calcium and iron should not be taken at the same time because they will bind each other so that your body cannot utilize either. Find a multivitamin that contains calcium and no iron; if you need iron take it separately in the form of heme iron at a different time of day so that you get benefit from both.

We will now consider the importance of antioxidants. Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with harmful substances; the result is that our cells are perpetually oxidizing, breaking down. We are rusting away both internally and externally. These bad things are called free radicals. Obviously, we must do our best to impair, slow down and if possible stop this rusting process. Antioxidants are the substances we use to slow down this oxidation process. Be sure you get as many of these powerful antioxidants in your supplement as possible to help strengthen your cells and thus your immune system!

Note: There are many other well-known herbal antioxidants. The ones listed above are safe for daily use while others such as Echinacea should be used on an 'as needed' basis. 

There is one more group of substances know as Essential Fatty Acids which are absolutely necessary for proper cell health. Essential Fatty Acids come in either a liquid form or in soft capsules. Because of their liquid form they cannot be readily incorporated into vitamin/mineral supplements, so expect to purchase them separately. Make sure your take at least one of the following on a daily basis.

The above elements, in particular the vitamins and minerals, work synergistically with one another. Too much or too little of one element will work havoc with the rest of the nutrients contained in a supplement. It is therefore imperative that, when looking for a vitamin/mineral supplement, you do not give up until you find a scientific research-based vitamin/mineral created by men who understand synergy so that the nutrients are in balance and can do your body the good that they should.

A healthy immune system means a healthy body, so please give yourself and your family a gift by providing your cells with all the nutrients and antioxidants necessary for proper cell maintenance and health.

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